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Fasting diet

What do I want to feel like when I have completed
my fast or my fasting diet?

This is a question that many people attempting a fasting program do not think to ask themselves. It is very important that you consider how you want to feel when you end your fast in order to know if you are accomplishing anything.


In a word, “hungry” is the first condition that comes to mind. And yes, you will be hungry when you are finished. The interesting thing is, that between 6 and10 hours of a 24 hour fast, you will probably reach your hungriest point. Generally, at the end of a 24 hour fast, your are hungry, but not ravenous or starving. Your body has temporarily adjusted to its lack of food, and has decided to quit complaining for now.

Your mental and psychological state will change slightly. You will likely be more clear-thinking, as hunger, in a limited state, seems to bring a certain clarity to the mind for many people. A few people report being slightly light-headed, but this is generally associated with a longer period of fasting than 24 hours. Some people report headache, but this is many times the result of limiting the intake of liquids (you need to drink liquids! This is one of the key tenants of successful, safe fasting!)


Energy levels following a 24 hour fast are not noticeably diminished for many people. The body has a sufficient store of energy to see itself safely through a 24-hour fast.
Probably the most common (and important) feeling following a successful 24-hour fast is one of satisfaction, accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. You tell yourself “I did it!”, and you realized that, above all else, you have succeeded in reaching your goal! This sense of accomplishment and feeling of mild self-satisfaction is yours at the end of every successful fast.



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